Who are Woodland Environmental?

We are Waste Land Regeneration Specialists who have created and improved over 300 acres of land for Local Authorities.

Proven Experience

Woodlands’ personnel have over 25 years combined experience in landscape design and management, we are specialists in large-scale bulk-earthworks, soft landscaping and land development.

Design and Build Solutions

We will happily work to your brief to develop your project – from conception, through feasibility, to public consultation, planning, construction implementation and project completion – alone or in complete consultation with you.

Project Versatility

We work extensively with both the public and private sector in the design and build of a variety of environmental schemes involving the regeneration of redundant greenspace.

Our projects are varied and diverse, including: large-scale earthworks and landscaping; golf course design and build; the creation of a multi-purpose trout fishery from redundant quarry lakes; the restoration of former clay pits for agricultural use; and the enhancement of a 120 acre water park to provide world championship standard water skiing facilities.

Licensing & Certification

All projects involving inert soil recovery require an exemption license from the Environment Agency. Woodland has an established relationship with the EA working on numerous projects over the last 20 years.


The governments Waste Hierarchy sets out their preferred options for waste management, these are as follows:

  1. Reduce
  2. Re-use
  3. Recycle / Recover
  4. Disposal

This a scaled set of options, with 1 “Reducing waste” being the preferred method of waste management, and 4 “Disposal” being the least preferred. The recovery of inert waste, which generally takes the form of excavated soils, clays and stone, is associated with option 3 of the waste management hierarchy.

The use of inert waste for re-contouring conforms with the spirit of the European Landfill Directive which aims to improve the way waste is managed by diverting it away from landfill.

With increasing pressure being placed on the construction industry to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill, it is clear that the waste recovery and recycling industry will be a key player in achieving current and future waste reduction targets.

Woodland has also complete a large number of projects in urban areas that not only reduced waste going to landfill but also reduced the journey time it would have taken. This not only reduces the amount of haulage vehicles on our roads, increasing congestion, but also reduces the overall carbon footprint of the development site disposing of the waste.

Health & Safety

Woodland adheres to the health and safety guidelines created by the Health Safety Executive, ensuring all of its site staff are well trained in general site health and safety. Woodland has also introduced the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CS CS) to a number of its site employees.

Customer Care

All projects are carried out by experienced personnel working under the direct supervision of our project managers and directors.

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