Princes Ski Club

Prince Club Limited

Princes Ski Club, Clockhouse Lane, Bedfont, Middlesex, TW14 8QA

The Prince Club is situated to the north of Ashford, directly between Feltham and Staines. The clubs lakes makeup a larger collection of waters that comprises of King George V1, Staines and Queen Mary reservoirs.

Site Size:
55.56 Hectares 137 Acres

Scope of Works / Project Background:
Princes Lake was originally an open expanse of water with a total surface area of approximately 120 acres. The main use for the lake was general waterskiing, which was restricted to only one boat and skier at any one time. The objective of the scheme was to improve the quality of the existing skiing and maximise the use of the lake. The water would have to be divided into separate but adjoining areas, enabling activities to take place simultaneously whilst not affecting the surface of the water in adjacent areas. The most natural and cost effective solution to achieve this was the construction of planted earth mounding throughout the lake. This provided a natural and visually attractive feature, requiring the least possible maintenance. Supplementary fill was required to complete the project, initial construction involved the building of a support structure over which materials were then shaped and compacted in varying depths, allowing for different planting schemes and greater bio-diversity. Thus, the entire 120 acres of water was split into three distinct zones for cable skiing, jet skiing, and water skiing. Increased water skiing income following the enhancement and maximisation of the lakes potential - with additional jet skiing and wake boarding bringing in further revenue The ability to hold major competitions at the lake and the attraction of expert skiers to the facility thus raising the profile of the business. This in turn attracts more students who wish to get high quality tuition. The scheme was a great success and the venue has recently played host to the world wake boarding championships. Also the site now has a fully equipped gymnasium, bar and squash courts all providing even more sources of revenue for the club.

Project Key Points:

  • Improvements to world championship standard
  • Full consultation within the industry
  • Water ski course design and build
  • No additional disruption to the surrounding environment
  • Very cost effective solution
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Improved opportunities for flora and fauna
  • Increased financial stability/profitability
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