Lime Tree Park

Ealing Borough Council

Lime Tree Park, Northolt, UB5 5LA

Lime Tree Park is located within Northolt and can be accessed from either Ruislip Road or Church Road.

Site Size:
8.66 Hectares (20.86 Acres)

Scope of Works / Project Background:
Lime Tree Park was a flat open space with no interesting features or real amenity value to the local community, its topography gave rise to problems with traveller encampment and joy riding which increased crime levels within the associated area. The residents and their children together with Woodland and Ealing Council arrived at a solution. Woodland and Ealing Borough held a number of public consultations where the residents had their say on issues such as design, layout and use once the project was finished. Woodland in partnership with Ealing Council designed a new park layout, which involved altering the topography of the site so it would be impossible to take vehicles onto the park, but was also sympathetic to public use and future maintenance. The whole project has been a huge success for all parties and the park is now free from unwanted users and traveller encampment. The residents can use the park once again to its full amenity value in a safe environment. This project also conformed to the Agenda 21 directive for waste recycling.

Project Key Points:

  • Complete public consultation
  • Fully conceived, formulated and implemented
  • Reduced local crime levels
  • Prevention of entry to travellers and joy riders
  • Welcoming environment for park users
  • Landscape enhancement
  • Creation of pond and wetlands
  • Extensive planting scheme
  • Agenda 21 directive for waste recycling
  • Lime Tree Park 01
    Lime Tree ParkLime Tree Park
    Lime Tree Park
    Lime Tree ParkLime Tree Park

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