Tolworth Court Farm

Royal Borough of Kingston

Tolworth Court Farm, Old Kingston Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT4 7QH

Tolworth Court Farm is located between the London suburbs of Worcester Park, Ewell and Surbiton. The park is situated to the West of the busy Kingston Road (A240) and is accessed from Jubilee Way.

Site Size:
43.31 Hectares (107 Acres)

Scope of Works / Project Background:
A historic farm site dating back to Norman times, Tolworth Court Farm had consistently encountered severe environmental damage due to frequent traveller encampment, fly tipped waste and unofficial use as a music venue. This created major disruption and cost to local residents and the business community in the surrounding area.
Woodland were asked by the Royal Borough of Kingston to provide an environmentally sound solution to this problem with no cost to the local rate payers and the least disruption to the existing ongoing public use.
The initial work undertaken for the project involved the stripping of topsoil around the perimeter and stockpiling it for re-use. Landscape formation then commenced by shaping and compacting imported material throughout the site.
To assist public access we created a series of gates and new paths throughout the perimeter with additional planting of flora sympathetic to native species.
Once the main construction was completed all stockpiled topsoil was restored over the compacted material at a good depth to ensure plant growth and bio-diversity.
The project was a big success for Kingston Council and the local community. No traveller encampment or illegal activities have happened there since and public use has increased.

Project Key Points:

  • Fully conceived and implemented with thorough consultation
  • Scheme design and build
  • Prevention of illegal vehicle entry
  • Ecological enhancements and increased habitant opportunities
  • Improved public amenity value
  • Funding through inert soil recovery
  • Agenda 21 directive for waste recycling
  • Tolworth Court FarmTolworth Court Farm - Before
    Tolworth Court FarmTolworth Court Farm

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