Golf Range Build

The ‘Multi Shot Range’ Concept

Woodland would like to introduce you to its unique driving range target outfield concept that will revolutionise the way golfers use your range facility.

Our concept provides a unique dual fairway practice facility that stimulates the golfer by offering a multitude of shot options. The practice experience is enriched by encouraging golfers to target the elevated greens using a wide variety of clubs. This produces a high quality practice facility that enhances the golfing experience, which in turn increases the popularity and financial viability of the golf centre.

Who can benefit from a Multi Shot Golf Range?

  • Golf range owners and operators - Increase Driving Range Revenues
  • Golf customers of all abilitiesAttract a wider variety of golf clients
  • PGA teaching staff - Increase professional teaching fees
  • Ground staff - Ease of Range Maintenance

Learn more about Woodland’s exciting golf range design concept at

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  • Funding Options
  • Design Service
  • Planning Service
  • PR Service
  • Site Clearance
  • External Project Management
  • Budget & Cost Analysis
  • Site Supervision
  • New golf range outfield construction to Multi Shot Design
  • Remodelling of existing golf range to Multi Shot Design
  • Large scale bulk earthworks and project shaping
  • Outfield Hazards
  • Drainage
  • SUDS
  • Irrigation
  • Containment Netting
  • Outfield Berm Lighting
  • Bay Lighting
  • Grass Seeding
  • Turfing
  • Fencing
  • Signage
  • Soft Landscaping
  • Hard Landscaping – Pathways (Coxwell Gravel) Access Roads, Car parking
  • Biodiversity Establishment
  • Habitat Creation
  • Ecological Enhancement – For example bat boxes, reptile refugia and badger mounds

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